Play free Craps games for fun

play free craps games

If you’ve ever walked past a craps table in a casino when a player was getting ready to roll the dice, you probably wanted to play too. Craps is a game where everyone (except the house) can win together, and when everyone wins, the craps table can get pretty wild. Craps is a dice game that has a long history and many followers around the world. Whether you play to get a moment of entertainment in everyday life or if you bet on the big wins, Craps has the right qualities to suit you. It has gained a reputation for being a complicated game, and of course there is a lot of material online for those who like to immerse themselves in various mathematical equations and probability theories and want to play free Craps games. Basically, however, the rumor of Craps’ complicated regulations is somewhat exaggerated. In fact, the principles of the game are easy to understand for anyone.

Play free Craps games for PC and learn the rules

Those, who want to play free Craps games, can download 3D Microsoft Casino Craps Free for PC with sounds and real stickman calls for rolls. By playing it, you will learn the game ABCs. After, you can play Craps for money and win.

Here, you must bet on different numbers that the dice show. With two dice as a tool, you must roll them (shoot) to determine which number combination appears. Since each dice has six dots — and the result is achieved by adding the sum of the two — there are 12 different outputs.

As a player, it is not your job to bet on a special number combination as in Roulette. Instead, it is a specific number that you should keep in mind when rolling your dice. Your first bet is called “pass the line” – and if you get 7 or 11 as the sum of your two dice, you have won instantly. However, if you get 2 or 12, you know immediately that you have lost.

play free craps games online

If you play and a different combination of numbers is shown, it’s time for the other player to roll their dice. However, if your opponent gets 7 first, you have lost the game. When any of these numbers are reached, the game round is considered completed.

Online Craps

Today, fewer people download games of this type. Most often, they play Craps online for fun free, using the best platforms. If these are no-money games, we talk here about slots with free online Craps table. When gamblers play for money, these can be live casinos.

Whatever it is, the best casinos to play it are:

  • Wild Casino;
  • Las Atlantis;
  • Super Slots;
  • Wild;
  • Vegas Casino, and more houses to play free Craps games and Craps for money.

Besides, today, every gambler or free player, who uses a mobile device and has fast internet, can play this dice game on his smartphone or a tablet. To do it, you must not download a special program, nevertheless. Some Craps apps also exist.

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