Free gambling addiction help in Canada general information

free gambling addiction help

Canadian authorities treat gambling addiction very seriously as a problem that brings harm to society. There are lots of gambling help centers across the country that can be contacted for free as well as it is welcomed that gambling addiction help for partners and family members is provided by close ones. There is a wonderful website such as that offers free gambling addiction help by providing various online tools, including self-help for friends and family. Helping family members is crucial as gambling addiction is closely associated with personal and social issues.

How a family member with gambling addiction can be helped with

Receiving some free gambling addiction help from a family member is vital. It is the members of the family that can be hit the most when a person has got a gambling problem. The close ones will notice that their relative will be irritated, the money will disappear, the person will feel down on many occasions, money fraud may take place and the deepening consequences may deteriorate further. Willingness to talk and to admit that gambling problems exist might be minimal, so it is very important to help a family member who already suffers from such addiction. It is crucial to find a person who a suffering individual trust more than the others and very calmly raises the question:

  1. Advice to take an online quiz to understand whether gambling may have a negative impact on the person’s life;
  2. Ensure that purposely designed tools that cut the desire for gambling are used;
  3. Offers to take part in a social forum where people with similar problems share their experiences and how the problem passed by;
  4. Offer to watch the online video that contains free gambling addiction help tools for self-help to get rid of casino games addiction;
  5. Suggest to use online tools that monitor gambling urges;
  6. Propose using online exercises designed for suffering and their family members.
free gambling addiction help canada

A trusted person should try to explain that a suffering person got addicted because of a sheer lack of understanding that gambling is about risk and reward. This is what gambling addiction help centers do and teach their patients that the game of a chance is not a day-to-day activity that allows earning money. When a suffering person perceives it well, the problem gets off.

How to get in touch with gambling addiction help centers?

There are plenty of help centers that can be found across the country. The first thing that people have to do is to give a call and receive immediate help. Trained specialists can easily identify the nature of the problem and take appropriate steps of how to cure the gambling addiction. Here is the list:

  • Ontario – 1-888-230-3505;
  • New Brunswick – 1-800-461-1234;
  • Nunavut Kamatsiaqtut – 1-800-265-3333;
  • Nova Scotia – 1-888-347-8888;
  • Prince Edward Island – 1-888-299-8399;
  • Saskatchewan 1-800-306-6789;
  • British Columbia ¬ 1-888-795-6111;
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – 1-888-899-4357;
  • Québec – 1-800-461-0140;
  • Manitoba – 1-800-463-1554.

People can easily find some immediate help so-called near me and immediately receive free gambling addiction help treatment over the phone or to make an appointment and get it in person.

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