Gambling addiction phases

gambling addiction

Gambling addiction – a widespread disease that is characterized by persistent psychological dependence on gambling, manifested in an uncontrolled craving for various types of games, in which the main and the key segment is money. Gambling addiction is a kind of non-chemical dependence (addiction), expressed in a person’s pathological passion for gambling. The researchers note that in recent decades, the number of patients has increased dramatically, gambling addiction has become an epidemic.

Phases of gambling addiction

Currently, along with the traditional addictions to slot machines, bets, and card games, all kinds of computer game addictions are gaining importance. Many patients play online casinos. Despite the seeming harmlessness of this hobby, it, like any other addiction, negatively affects a person’s life, narrows the range of his interests, violates professional, social, and family adaptation. Treatment of all types of gambling addiction is carried out by specialists in the field of psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychology. The main phases of gambling addiction are:

  1. Gambling addiction sufferers exhibit behaviors that are common to all types of chemical and non-chemical addictions. The circle of their interests is narrowing, their previous hobbies become insignificant;
  2. They stop communicating with old friends, pay less attention to the family. Their whole life and all their thoughts are centered around the subject of addiction, that is, around the game;
  3. If possible, they play, if they cannot play, they come up with new strategies, fantasize about participating in the game, and about winning big.

After a short period after the last game, patients suffering from gambling addiction begin to feel anxiety, irritation, an inner need to take part in the game again as soon as possible. In terms of its strength, the size of the accompanying psychological discomfort, and the degree of involvement, this need has much in common with the pathological cravings in alcoholism and drug addiction. About the phases of gambling addiction should know all the relatives of players.

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Why does gambling addiction appear

Having started to play, the patient can no longer stop even after a series of losses or after a big win. From time to time, a patient with gambling addiction makes a firm decision to “quit forever”, but after talking about the game with a friend, seeing a nearby gambling establishment, or watching a movie about gambling, he easily changes this decision, unable to resist the temptation.

Hotline for gambling addiction In Ontario, Canada

The diagnosis of gambling addiction is made based on a conversation with the patient and his relatives. Often, the psychiatrist receives the bulk of the information from the patient’s relatives, since the gambling addict himself, due to feelings of guilt, shame, or underestimation of the seriousness of the situation, hides important facts and downplays the significance of the problem. There is a need to get gambling addiction help online, where professionals guarantee:

  • individual approach to every player with gambling addiction;
  • understanding of feelings which certain human feel;
  • ability to provide support and explain in detail the way to get out of the addiction.

Treatment of gambling addiction is complex question. Online gambling addiction help is the way to success.

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